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ETIAS Registration, by Lyndsey Matthews

African Wildlife Photos, by Mary Latham

Technology and Travel, by Mary Latham

STEP Program, by Mary Latham

Travel Tips, by Mary Latham

Secure Wi-Fi / GPS. by Michael Wald

Story Corps Interview with Zia Shamsy
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edBd6AGX5R8&t=16s

More Travel Tips. by Leyla Akgerman and Kathy Jacobs

Adventures in Friendship Force, by Raymond Enstam, 2016

Australia and Australians, by Douglas Adams

Dispelling Amazon Myths, by Michael Wald, 2016

Amazon: an Ardous Adventure,by Michael Wald, 2016

Real Deals: Behind Enemy Lines,from AARP magazine, January 2006

Reach Out and Touch Someone: Bringing Computers to Blind Students in Chile, Peru and Romania, by Richard and Myrna Ridings

On Closing Doors Softly: Lessons Learned From Colombia - Friendship Force Exchange of Houston & Dallas, TX to Bogota, by John Whaley

Crossing Barriers: Presentation by George Brown, Friendship Force Mid Atlantic Regional Conference, Black Mountain, NC - April 28, 2007

A Worldly Circle of Friends: Group focuses on global peace, one connection at a time
by Joy Dickinson in the Dallas Morning News - June 8, 2002

Seven Reasons to Travel, by Larry Bleiberg in Dallas Morning News - January 5, 2003  

The Virtues of Aging: Interview of former President Jimmy Carter, by Barbara Walters, February 17, 2003

Germany to USA, by Erich Geissler

Sahara Aid Convoy

World's Worst Cultural Mistakes: Don’t let blowing your nose or taking off your shoes land you in hot water when you travel,by Sallie Brady from www.TravelandLiesure.com

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